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Chinese translation for "intellectual skill"


Related Translations:
intellectual support:  智力支持
intellectual maturity:  智能的成熟
marginal intellectuals:  边缘知识人
specific intellectual:  非凡知识分子和特殊知识分子特殊知识分子
intellectual development:  智力培养;智力发展智育
intellectual resource:  智力资源
intellectual production:  精神生产
intellectual community:  学术界8知识界,学术界知识性的社会
intellectual egocentrism:  知识自我中心
intellectual equipment:  知识素养
Example Sentences:
1.The game of chess requires intellectual skill
2.A research on the intellectual skills of the acquisition and transfer of english grammar rules
3.He throws the little casting net of his intellectual skills into the vast ocean of the universe
4.But it may be seriously questioned whether the advent of modern communications media has much enhanced our intellectual skills
5.This study first reviewed metacognitive theories and the current conditions of research . then it analysed the structure of the ability to operate physics experiments , and made clear that ability to perform physics experiments is composed of motor skills and intellectual skills , which are mutually influenced and constrained , and among which the physics experiment operation and solving of physics experiment problems can well evaluate the ability to do physics experiments
6.With the establishment of the new college , we aim to create a homely learning environment where students can integrate knowledge into their everyday lives , and develop both their intellectual skills and integrity . college life will enrich their learning experience and equip them for service to the community after graduation , professor sun said
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