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Chinese translation for "incentive wage"


Related Translations:
incentive:  adj.刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive pay (增产)奖金。 be incentive to further study 鼓励进一步研究。n.刺激;鼓励;动机;诱因。 much incentive (many incentives) to work hard 很多努力工作的动机。adv.-ly
incentive zone:  鼓励性开发区〔多指城市中较萧条的地区,政府对投资该类地区的房地产开发商实行鼓励性政策〕。
wage:  n.〔常 pl. 〕1.工资。2.报应。短语和例子★ pl. 常作 sing. 用。 time wages 计时工资。 wages by the piece 计件工资。 at a wage [at wages] of $ ... a month 每月工资…美元。 get good wages 拿高薪。短语和例子wage2vt.1.实行,进行,作(战等) (on agains
minimum wage:  (法定)最低工资。
union wages:  工会规定的工资率。
wage level:  工资水平。
subsistence wages:  仅够维持生活的最低工资。
board wages:  短语和例子〔pl.〕1.(给仆人等的)膳费折合的津贴;代作工资的膳宿。2.仅够膳宿的工资。
starvation wages:  (难以维持温饱的)极低工资。
wage day:  发工资日。
Example Sentences:
1.You can implement incentive wages for individuals or for groups
2.You can use incentive wages to enter , prepare , and valuate payroll - relevant data for employees who are paid incentive wages or a premium wage
3.In individual incentive wages , the amount of remuneration depends on one individual ' s performance only , whereas in group incentive wages , the result of the entire group is taken into account
4.It is necessary to adopt efficient institutional arrangement to avoid supervisors loafing on their job , being captured or obtaining private interest with their power . it include form , amplify and carry out all kinds of rules and regulations strictly in daily work , form incentive mechanism that combine standing wage with incentive wage and promotion system , and reinforce punishment to whom obtain private interest with their power
必须采取有效的制度安排,克服监管者偷懒、 “被俘”及以权谋私等行为的发生,包括建立健全和严格执行各种日常工作中的规章制度,建立工龄工资、激励工资与提拔制度紧密结合的激励机制,加大对以权谋私的惩处力度等。
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