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Chinese translation for "incentive theory"

诱因论incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...theoryn. 1.理论,学理,原理。 2.学说,论说 (opp. ...

Related Translations:
financial incentive:  财务激励财务奖励financialadj. 1.财政(上)的,财务(上)的,金融(上)的。 ...incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...
incentive mechanism:  激励机制利益导向机制incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...mechanismn. 1.(机械)结构;机械装置[作用];(故事的)结构 ...
internal incentive:  内心诱导internaladj. 1.内的,内部的 (opp. external ...incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...
composite incentive:  综合奖compositeadj. 1.并合的,复合的,混成的,合成的,集成的。 ...incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...
incentive reduction:  奖励性减税incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...reductionn. 1.缩小,减少;降级,降位;(刑罚等的)轻减;减速 ...
incentive industry:  受鼓励的行业incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...industryn. 1.勤劳,勤奋,刻苦。 2.工业,产业,实业,事业 ...
incentive wage:  (增产)奖励工资。incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...wage短语和例子 wage2 vt. 1.实行,进行,作(战等 ...
incentive discount:  激励性折扣incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...discountn. 1.折扣,让头。 2.【商业】贴现,贴现率,折息, ...
incentives bonus:  销售奖incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...bonusn. 1.奖金;额外津贴。 2.红利;额外股息。 3.退 ...
volume incentive:  回扣折扣箱扣(箱量回扣)volumen. 1.卷,册;书籍;【历史】书卷,卷轴。 2.〔常 ...incentiveadj. 刺激性的,鼓励性质的。 incentive p ...
Example Sentences:
1.Application of incentive theory in hospital management
2.Review of the incentive theory of regulation
3.Several incentive theories applied in compensation management
4.College students ' ideological and political education from the perspective of modern management incentive theory
5.2 . expound the hypothesis of the entrepreneurs " incentive theory and induce the hypothesis . 3
6.How to design an effective incentive mechanism of senior managers is an important part in the modern enterprises incentive theory
7.Second this paper discussed the salary function in theory and tried to direct distribution system using the modern incentive theory
8.But there are obvious defects , such as paying more attention to pure incentive theory , but barely involving the application of the incentive scheme
9.- - - - - forming a systemic stock option incentive theory and practical guidance system . - - - - - investigating the validity and value confirmation of stock option by quantitative methods
10.On the base of different theories , such as enterprise contractual theory , agency theory and option incentive theory etc , economists have studied the related factors of growth enterprise
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