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Chinese translation for "incentive force"


Related Translations:
financial incentive:  财务激励财务奖励
incentive mechanism:  激励机制利益导向机制
internal incentive:  内心诱导
composite incentive:  综合奖
incentive reduction:  奖励性减税
incentive industry:  受鼓励的行业
incentive wage:  (增产)奖励工资。
incentive discount:  激励性折扣
incentives bonus:  销售奖
volume incentive:  回扣折扣箱扣(箱量回扣)
Example Sentences:
1.Market based mechanism of competition and interest incentive force should always function in venture capital
2.This paper first points out non - governmental technical enterprises " inadaptability problem , then finding the ultimate reason - - lacking incentive forces and meanwhile the systematic frame of incentive and constraint mechanisms is given
本文首先提出了民营科技企业在快速成长中所遇到的企业管理“不适应症” ,其根本原因在于对员工的激励不足,在此基础上提出了激励与约束机制系统架构。
3.Chapter three , relationship analysis of corporate governance mechanism and corporate performance . this section makes a data compareing analysis between the performances and the senior managers incentive mechanism , the independent director system . it shows that the incentive force isn ’ t strong and the effect of independent directors is limited
4.So , the reformation of internal management mechanism based on incentive mechanism has become a chief mission faced chinese medium and small type private enterprises . being a kind of long - term incentive institution in western developed countries , stock option motivation has experienced nearly thirty - year ' s exploring , trying , correcting and perfecting , but in china , it starts just now , and it belongs to a new thing . because there are many obstacles and restrictions from domestic macro - environment , it is doubtless that we should make some improvements and innovations combined with our practical situations on the basis of consulting the foreign schemes in order to make our designed schemes owning feasibility and exerting its strong incentive force instead of citing directly or copying simply the foreign ready - made modes
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