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Chinese translation for "incentive condition"


Related Translations:
financial incentive:  财务激励财务奖励
incentive mechanism:  激励机制利益导向机制
internal incentive:  内心诱导
composite incentive:  综合奖
incentive reduction:  奖励性减税
incentive industry:  受鼓励的行业
incentive wage:  (增产)奖励工资。
incentive discount:  激励性折扣
incentives bonus:  销售奖
volume incentive:  回扣折扣箱扣(箱量回扣)
Example Sentences:
1.On the assumption that all bargaining power was possessed by manufacture , two incentive conditions ( the transfer prices ) were concluded : the incentive condition of the first - best production quantity and the incentive condition of the first - best investment under the first best production quantity
2.Since the beginning of 20th , the incentive theories experience the course of historic evolution from single money stimulation to satisfy many kinds of needs , from general incentive condition to distinct incentive factors , from basic study of incentive to process exploration of incentive
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