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Chinese translation for "incentive compensation"


Related Translations:
financial incentive:  财务激励财务奖励
incentive mechanism:  激励机制利益导向机制
internal incentive:  内心诱导
composite incentive:  综合奖
incentive reduction:  奖励性减税
incentive industry:  受鼓励的行业
incentive wage:  (增产)奖励工资。
incentive discount:  激励性折扣
incentives bonus:  销售奖
volume incentive:  回扣折扣箱扣(箱量回扣)
Example Sentences:
1.The design of incentive compensation system to project team
2.The study on the team incentive compensation mode
3.Performance assessment and incentive compensation system of managers of state - owned enterprises
4.Finally , the thesis makes the prospects of research on incentive compensation problems of professional executives in china
5.Furthermore , we use these adjusted financial measures to determine awards for our management personnel under our incentive compensation plan
6.The article focuses on the incentive compensation of r & d team . based on the study of r & d team character , the research carries on in the way of two allocations
7.So the incentive compensation for the operator should be established in our country , supporting in theory for the implementation of the operator ' s annual salary system
8.Perhaps recent change in the sales incentive compensation plan has resulted in emphasis in existing accounts or maybe changes in sales territory assignment have caused problems
9.This paper mainly aims to study how to provide the incentive compensation for professional executive in china . firstly , some related theories are introduced to indicate why to do and how to do on the whole
10.At texas instruments , strategies for enhancing diversity include an aggressive recruiting plan , diversity training , mentoring , and an incentive compensation program that rewards managers for fostering diversity
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