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Chinese translation for "impulse width"


Related Translations:
effective impulse:  有效冲量有效脉冲
impulse repeating:  脉冲重发
flighting impulse:  逃走冲动
impulse excitation:  冲护励冲击激励脉冲激发脉冲激励
impulse waveform:  脉冲波形
neural impulse:  并传导神经冲动神经冲动
echo impulse:  反射脉冲回波脉冲
anterograde impulse:  顺行冲动
blanking impulse:  消隐脉冲
impulse forming:  脉冲成形
Example Sentences:
1.Finally , by practical test , experimental data obtained show that the dynamic thrust measuring system is dramatically available and successful . especially , it shows that when the impulse width is 20ms and the duty ratio is 1 : 3 , the measured results are stable and reliable . hence , the system designed here can meat the test requirements of the actual applications , and the technology studied in the thesis also give a good foundation to future research work
最后,系统建成以后,通过多次调试试车、考核试车和实际型号试车的考核,试车结果表明,该系统的设计是成功的,动态推力数据稳定、可靠,可满足发动机以20ms脉宽工作,占空比为1 : 3的情况下,进行发动机的动态推力性能指标测试,满足实际应用的需求,为进一步进行动态推力测试技术研究奠定了良好的基础。
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