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Chinese translation for "ice bag"

icen. 1.冰,冰块。 2.〔英国〕雪糕,冰淇淋 (= i ...bagn. 1.袋,囊;枕套。 2.钱包;手提皮包;〔pl.〕 ...

Related Translations:
shopping bag:  购物袋。
bag job:  (对间谍活动证据的)非法搜查。bagn. 1.袋,囊;枕套。 2.钱包;手提皮包;〔pl.〕 ...jobn.,vt.,vi. 〔方言〕=jab.
mummy bag:  轻便睡袋。mummyn. 〔英、儿〕妈妈。 bagn. 1.袋,囊;枕套。 2.钱包;手提皮包;〔pl.〕 ...
comfort bag:  慰问袋。comfortn. 1.安慰。 2.安慰的东西,慰劳品;安慰者。 3. ...bagn. 1.袋,囊;枕套。 2.钱包;手提皮包;〔pl.〕 ...
ice:  n.1.冰,冰块。2.〔英国〕雪糕,冰淇淋 (= ice cream); 〔美国〕冰凉饮料[点心]。3.冰状物,糖衣。4.(态度)冷淡。5.〔俚语〕冰毒〔甲基苯丙胺的粉状结晶体,一种易使人上瘾的毒品〕。短语和例子eat an ice 吃一块雪糕。 two strawberry ices 两杯冰草莓。 water ice 冰糕。 be made of ice 冷若冰霜。 be
icing:  n.1.(糕点的)糖霜,酥皮。2.【航空】飞机外身的霜冻。
iced:  adj.用冰封着的,加了糖衣的。
sheet ice:  水面的冰层。sheetn. 【航海】 1.缭绳;帆脚索。 2.〔pl.〕(船头 ...icen. 1.冰,冰块。 2.〔英国〕雪糕,冰淇淋 (= i ...
ice yacht:  冰上快艇。icen. 1.冰,冰块。 2.〔英国〕雪糕,冰淇淋 (= i ...yachtn. 快艇,游艇。 a racing yacht 竞赛用 ...
neapolitan ice:  (cream) 三色[多色]冰砖。neapolitanadj. (意大利)那不勒斯(Naples)(人)的。 ...icen. 1.冰,冰块。 2.〔英国〕雪糕,冰淇淋 (= i ...
Example Sentences:
1.Throw that silly ice bag away before you die of pneumonia .
2.Ice bags and alcohol sponges help to reduce fever, especially in children .
3.Disposable speed cold ice bag
4.Rice , noodles , bread , vegetables , drinks , ice bags , fruit , milk , wheat meal k etc
5.Larynx ice bag
6.Hassle free , easy to use and comfortable ; easy u ice bag is a necessity for any household
7.Twice a day , the seamen s church institute of new york and new jersey provided us with regular supplies of ice bags and a variety of soft drinks
8.Easy u ice bag can be used for children with fever by simply filling the bag with ice cubes and closing the waterproof cap . after usage , just pour away the ice cubes or water , let it dry and the bag can re - used again
“ easy u一级优”冰袋,内层塑胶,外层是布,只要将冰块放入冰袋里,将盖子盖上并转紧,即可敷在额头颈项或发高烧的部位,可迅速降低热度。
9.Use the cold ice bag of the disposable speed not to cause he injury to the human body , it is it is at field , tnot during the journey , not at yard , not among high - temperature operation and the any first aid of scenes one must spare part
10.Companies with advanced production equipment and techniques superb technical staff . the main products are eva trolley cases , soft case , backpack , traveling bag , mountaineering , lie fallowing bag , saddle bag , computer bag , ice bag , pet bag ect
生产设备和技艺精湛的技术员工,主要生产: eva拉杆箱软箱背包双肩包旅行包登山包休闲包工具包电脑包冰袋宠物袋等。
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