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Chinese translation for "hygienic habit"


Related Translations:
hygienic:  adj.1.卫生学的。2.卫生的,有益健康的。短语和例子a hygienic laboratory 卫生实验所。adv.-ically
hygienic bactedology:  工业细菌学
hygienic significance:  卫生学意义
hygienic chopsticks:  卫生筷
hygienic pontic:  卫生桥体
hygienic requirement:  卫生要求
hygienic bacteriologigy:  卫生细菌学
hygienic towelette:  湿纸巾
hygienic measures:  保健措施
hygienic finishing:  卫生整理
Example Sentences:
1.The changes of personal hygienic habits after the breakout of sars in shanghai
2.Civilized hygienic habit
3.The items listed above are greatly beneficial for use in the courses we have set up for inmates , such as personal hygienic habits , arts , sports , literacy and literature , mental stress relief and meditation
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