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Chinese translation for "horse trainer"


Related Translations:
suctio trainer:  吸滤器
warmblood horse:  轻型马
horses papillomavirus:  马乳头状瘤病毒马乳头状瘤簿
horse archer:  弓兵弓马兵弓骑兵骑射手
dust horse:  锯木架
saw horse:  锯木架
horse fat:  马脂
livery horse:  出租马
herd horse:  马群
horse head:  马头
Example Sentences:
1.The court heard that between december 14 , 2005 and july 3 , 2006 , munce being an agent , namely a jockey acting for horse trainers , had conspired with andy lau wai - ching , dinesh kumar daswani and kamal govindram daswaney for munce to accept advantages from lau
案情透露:二五年十二月十四日至去年七月三日期间, munce作为代理人,即代多名练马师办事的骑师,与刘维正dinesh kumar daswani及kamal govindram daswaney串谋,使munce从刘接受利益。
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