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Chinese translation for "high crime"


Related Translations:
crime prevention:  犯罪预防防止犯罪
crime free:  无犯罪的
crime lab:  罪证化验室
flagrant crime:  大罪, 现行罪
true crime:  洛城危机迫切的任务真实罪行真相追击
crime spree:  黑道刺杀令黑道追杀令
attempted crime:  犯罪未遂未遂罪
crime theory:  犯罪学
subject of crime:  犯罪主观犯罪主体
fellowship in crime:  共同犯罪
Example Sentences:
1.Which state has the highest crime rate in the u . s .
2.The house of representatives then decided to impeach the president , charging him with " high crimes and misdemeanors " as required by the constitution
3.As you hope ever to be forgiven , mr . rivers , the high crime and misdemeanour of spoiling a sanded kitchen , tell me what i wish to know
里弗斯先生,正因为你希望我宽恕你毁我砂石厨房的弥天大罪和不端行为,那你就把我想知道的告诉我吧。 ”
4.In times of economic downturn , there are risk of higher crime rates , it is therefore all the more important to ensure the manpower and morale of our disciplinary forces
5.With an increasing popularization of networking and a high crime rate in cyberworld , it is an urgent measure to criminalize the extremely harmful behavior of " theft in utilization " , an behavior of " illegally utilizing net resources "
6.Most people agree that , while both security and privacy issues are equally important , crime prevention and detection justify the use of surveillance cameras at specific locations , such as high crime areas or where there is a high risk of accidents during festive times
7.Of the respective numbers of crimes committed in the past two years in the public car parks managed by private operators and in those managed by government departments , together with a breakdown by the types of crimes , and among the public car parks managed by government departments , of the three with the highest crime figures
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