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Chinese translation for "haemal"

Example Sentences:
1.Actually , this is haemal tumour merely a medium just
2.Both adding is haemal composition together
3.Can those fish bring about edible on the high side of haemal mercury content
4.Stick the disease that sluggish blood disease is haemal viscosity heighten high . do law cure to go according to what treat tall blood fat
5.For example , signing safety licenses of x ray device , dialyser , haemal depurative device , active medical device , active implantable medical device , ultrasonic medical device
6.Because perhaps move in have dinner , this is when , the blood in the body should provide athletic place quickly , right now organ of costal region ministry and muscle lack haemal complement , get the place to appear short time convulsion , also appeared " uncomfortable " phenomenal happening , concern without what
7.Sticking sluggish blood disease high is the pathology that is main show with haemal viscosity heighten is asked for integratedly , blood stream obstruction is increased , flow is decelerated , affect to small artery and blood capillary and small loop especially apparent , cause quantity of constituent blood perfusion to decrease , generation is short of blood anoxic symptom
8.Have the patient of haemal tumour , inchoate find oneself majority is not clear , but , have the patient of haemal tumour , often appear the calorific , anaemia with unidentified reason and haemorrhage , what the patient also can have liver , lienal , lymph node is intumescent , to this , old people should notice beware of leukaemia
9.It can promote ovarian haemal circulation , restore the two big functions of ovarian oviposit and endocrine , have the remedial effect that disappears to regulate the menstrual function , hemostatic , ache thereby , control the growth of cyst effectively , make cyst gradually atrophic , abreaction finally , make you prevented the secondary action that the suffering of the operation and operation bring
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