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Chinese translation for "habit forming"

成习惯的,成癖的,使人上瘾的,使之成嗜好的 (a habit-forming drug 会使人上瘾的麻醉毒品)。
habitn. 1.习惯,癖好。 2.脾性,性情;(动,植物的)习 ...formn. 1.形态;形状;样子,外貌;【哲学】形式 (opp ...

Related Translations:
habit:  n.1.习惯,癖好。2.脾性,性情;(动,植物的)习性,常态。3.体质,体格。4.举止,行为。5.〔古语〕服装;法衣,骑装。6.毒瘾。短语和例子H- is second nature. 〔谚语〕习惯成自然。 early habits 早起的习惯。 the habit of getting up late 晚起的习惯。 sober habits 滴酒不尝的习惯。 a man
Example Sentences:
1.Habit forms a person ' s character , which decides on his fate
2.On the significance of habit forming in english learning
3.The memory of savants seems to be the noncognitive habit form
4.If this is really the case , then how such spending habits formed
5.The moral value and the mental progress in the habit forming of the youngsters
6.You ' ve got to bear in mind that learning to speak a language is a matter of habit forming
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