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Chinese translation for "h hour"


Related Translations:
h:  H1 = 【化学】protium. H1+ = 【物理学 ...  detail>>
hour:  n. 1.小时,钟头。 2.时间,时刻。 3.一小时的行 ...  detail>>
coffee hour:  正式会议后的自由聚谈〔多有咖啡招待〕。   detail>>
long hours:  夜晚十一、二点钟,午夜 (opp. small hours)。   detail>>
heavy hour:  忙时。   detail>>
sidereal hour:  恒星时〔恒星日的1/24〕。   detail>>
family hour:  〔美国〕全家看电视时间(常在下午7-9时)。   detail>>
rush hours:  (上班、下班时)交通拥挤的时刻;(公共车辆)高峰时间。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.These men had grown up , gone to school , played baseball , and worked together , dated each other ' s sisters , trained and deployed as a group , and were in the first wave to assault omaha beach at h hour on june 6
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