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Chinese translation for "ground troops"

ground短语和例子 ground2 n. 1.地,地面;土地,地 ...troopn. 1.〔pl.〕军队;部队。 2.(在行动中的)大群 ...

Related Translations:
troop:  n.1.〔pl.〕军队;部队。2.(在行动中的)大群(人);(动物等的)群;一队,一组;(戏剧演员等的)一团。3.【军事】骑兵连。4.进军鼓 。短语和例子a troop of boys 一队儿童。 regular troops 常备军。 shock troops 突击队。 the troops 〔军口〕我们部队 〔I 或 me 的代用语〕。 troop dispositio
stationary troops:  驻军。stationaryadj. 不动的,静止的,不变的;不增不减的,固定的,装 ...troopn. 1.〔pl.〕军队;部队。 2.(在行动中的)大群 ...
ski troops:  滑雪部队。skin. (pl. ski(s)) 1.滑雪板[鞋,雪橇]。 ...troopn. 1.〔pl.〕军队;部队。 2.(在行动中的)大群 ...
assault troops:  突击队。assaultn. 1.(动手或动口的)攻击。 2.【军事】猛袭,袭击 ...troopn. 1.〔pl.〕军队;部队。 2.(在行动中的)大群 ...
storm troops:  1.〔S- T-〕 纳粹的冲锋队员。2.突击队员,强击部队。stormn. 1.暴风雨,暴风雪,大雪雨,大冰雹,狂风暴雨;【海 ...troopn. 1.〔pl.〕军队;部队。 2.(在行动中的)大群 ...
shock troops:  突击部队。shockn. 1.蓬乱的一堆(毛发)。 2.长毛蓬松的狗;狮子狗 ...troopn. 1.〔pl.〕军队;部队。 2.(在行动中的)大群 ...
troop carrier:  部队运送机(车、船)。troopn. 1.〔pl.〕军队;部队。 2.(在行动中的)大群 ...carriern. 1.运送人,搬夫;负荷者;使役,〔美国〕信差,邮递 ...
Example Sentences:
1.Will the aid of naval gunfire, the ground troops regained the initiative .
2.Every available soldier in the berlin area was to be thrown into the attack, including the luftwaffe ground troops .
3.Witnesses say hundreds of ground troops moved in
4.Witnesses say hundreds of ground troops moved in
5.There are plenty of ways to use ground troops to surprise the enemy
6.000 of them were ground troops
7.Freezing enemy maneuver gave the proxy ground troops the ability to mass
8.Its soldiers are dropped into a designated area ahead of ground troops
9.No ground troops are in laos , so it ' s all right to kill laotians as long as it ' s done by remote control
10.The a - ten fighter planes provide close support for ground troops . they also perform search and rescue operations in the areas of combat
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