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Chinese translation for "good coordination"


Related Translations:
time coordination:  时间上的协同时间协同
coordination chemistry:  配位化学
threefold coordination:  三次配位
nuclear coordination:  核协同
pipeline coordination:  管网综合
sensorimotor coordination:  感觉运动协调
frequency coordination:  频率协调
coordination anion:  配(位)阴离子
goal coordination:  目标协调
competition coordination:  竞争络合反应
Example Sentences:
1.He is with good coordination and a sunny smile .
2.Good coordination and resolving problem capability
3.Good coordination and communication ability
4.Self assessment : high passion to job with good coordination ability
5.Try your spiking , it is necessary for good coordination and a very strong judgment
6.Responsive , good coordination and analyze skill , ability to handle emergency things
7.Introduction : try your spiking , it is necessary for good coordination and a very strong judgment
8.In modem city community ' s police duties , policemen ' s good coordination is the important guarantee of realizing work target
9.On the contrary , the european never pay much more attention to the styles of the dish , the prefer to get a good coordination and protection of the alimentation of the dishes
10.The planning scheme should discuss the law of urban construction , arrange the sequence of construction properly and recommend on the progress of development in stages , to promote good coordination between regional construction and integral urban development
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