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Chinese translation for "good controllability"


Related Translations:
controllability:  调节控制可操纵性可调节性可调性可监督性可控性可控制性控制能力控制性能
controllability principle:  可控制性原则可控制原则
controllability matrix:  可控性矩阵
longitudinal controllability:  纵向操纵性
aircraft controllability:  飞机的操纵性
rearward controllability:  后飞操纵性
ship controllability:  船舶驾驶性能
vehicle controllability:  飞行器操纵性
controllability index:  可控性指数
complete controllability:  互补测量完全可控性,完全能控性完全能控性
Example Sentences:
1.The experimental study suggests that ofm reactor should provide high efficient injection dispersion performance with good controllability on the mixing intensity . so it should also satisfy the special requirement of the concentration distribution in the injection area for processes such as flocculation
2.As novel concept actuators , ultrasonic motors have been attracting intensive attention at home and abroad with their outstanding features such as low speed and high torque , large holding torque , rapid response , light weight and compact sizes , simple structure , and no magnetic disturbance , etc . traveling wave ultrasonic motors are especially attracting researchers ’ interest for their good controllability and flexible constructions
3.On the basis of analyzing the several traditional algorithms , the efficient design method , the self - initiated weighted least squares ( swls ) combined with adaptive simulated annealing ( asa ) , are proposed explicitly for the design of pif . this chebyshev criterion based optimal approximation method has not only very fast computing speed but also high accuracy and good controllability
在对这些算法特性分析比较的基础上,系统完整地提出适用于lcos投影分合色偏振干涉滤光片设计的最高效方法? ?自启动权值最小二乘算法( swls )结合自适应模拟退火算法( asa ) 。
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