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Chinese translation for "gallows humour"


Related Translations:
gallows:  n. (pl. gallowses, gallows ) ...  detail>>
humour:  n. 1.幽默,诙谐,幽默感。 2.幽默的东西[言词、文 ...  detail>>
gallows look:  犯死罪的面相。   detail>>
gallows tree:  绞刑架,绞台。   detail>>
gallows humor:  〔美国〕凄惨的幽默;充满怨恨的幽默。   detail>>
gallows bird:  应处绞刑的犯人;穷凶极恶的人。   detail>>
gallows bitts:  〔pl.〕 【航海】甲板中央的双柱吊架。   detail>>
black humour:  黑色幽默〔采用荒谬、怪诞、可怕场面的幽默文艺形式〕。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.He could probably recall some of mcculloch ' s jokes , which have become a feature of the england dressing room since he was poached from his job as masseur for scotland , a place where gallows humour was a necessity under berti vogts
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