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Chinese translation for "freshwater animals"

淡水动物animaln. 1.动物;兽;牲畜。 2.〔俚语〕家畜,牲口。 3 ...

Related Translations:
freshwater degradation:  淡水恶化degradationn. 1.降级;免职。 2.退化;堕落。 3.【地质学; ...
freshwater onge:  紫梢花
freshwater supply:  淡水供水supplyadv. =supplely.
tropical freshwater:  热带淡水tropicaladj. 1.热带(地区)的,回归线下的。 2.非常热的 ...
freshwater alluvium:  淡水冲积层alluviumn. (pl. alluviums, -via ) 【地 ...
freshwater drum:  淡水石首鱼
freshwater animal:  淡水动物animaln. 1.动物;兽;牲畜。 2.〔俚语〕家畜,牲口。 3 ...
freshwater barrier:  淡水屏障海水入侵barriern. 1.栅,栅栏,隔栏,障壁,隔板,挡板;赛马的出发栅 ...
freshwater pipefish:  淡水海龙pipefish海龙。
freshwater allowance:  淡水宽限量allowancen. 1.零用钱,给与额,津贴,补助,零用钱。 2.【机 ...
Example Sentences:
1.As a result, freshwater animals live there at depths greater than anywhere else on earth .
2.As far as anyone can tell , these microscopic freshwater animals have not exchanged genes , one with another , for 100m years
3.But even if a number of the dolphins have survived , they and other freshwater animals , like the yangtze finless porpoise , are in serious danger of disappearing forever
但即使有一定数目的海豚继续生存下来, ?们和其他淡水生物,例如无鳍海豚,都是面临著消失的危机。
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