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Chinese translation for "former agent"

原业务员formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...agentprovocateur (pl. agents prov ...

Related Translations:
formers:  框架条formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...
former convict:  累犯, 惯犯formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...convictvt. 1.证明…有罪,宣告…有罪,定…的罪。 2.使知 ...
cold former:  冷成形机冷锻机coldadj. 1.冷,寒,冻;冰凉的。 2.冷静的,冷淡的, ...formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...
former qin:  前秦
sheet former:  纸页成形器sheetn. 【航海】 1.缭绳;帆脚索。 2.〔pl.〕(船头 ...formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...
ceramic former:  瓷模ceramicadj. 陶器的,陶瓷的,陶质的;制陶的。 the ce ...formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...
lead former:  引线成形机leadvt. (led) 1.领导,引导,带领。 2.搀,牵。 ...formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...
pulse former:  脉冲形成器pulsen. 〔sing., pl. 〕 豆类;豆。 formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...
ultracentri former:  超离心力短网纸板成形器formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...
former pass:  预轧孔型, 成品前孔formeradj. 1.以前的,从前的。 2.在前的;〔美国〕前任 ...passn. 1.狭路;横路,小路;山路;关口;要隘。 2.河口 ...
Example Sentences:
1.Emphasize that he ' s a former agent ,
重点注明他是一个前任特工. .
2.Former agent , science - spy division
3.One is sam allardyce , and a conflict of interest with his former agent son craig and bolton wanderers
4.A former agent of a newspaper group based in guangzhou was charged for allegedly embezzling funds totalling about 5 million from the group
5.A former agent of an insurance company was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for using false documents to make medical claims totalling about 70 , 000
6.A former agent of a real estate agency was sentenced to three months imprisonment for misappropriating commission totalling 3 , 550 . he was also fined 9 , 000
7.A former agent of an insurance company was sentenced to 220 hours of community service for misappropriating funds from the insurance accounts of his clients
8.A former agent of an insurance company was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment for using false request forms to misappropriate a policyholder s reserve funds
9.A former agent of an insurance company was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for making false personal injury accident claims totalling over 15 , 000
10.A former agent of an insurance company was sentenced to two years imprisonment for submitting bogus insurance policies to obtain commissions totalling 90 , 000 from the company
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