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Chinese translation for "flood coolant"


Related Translations:
flood:  n. 1.洪水,水灾。 2.溢流,涨水,潮水最高点,泛滥 ...  detail>>
coolant:  n. 【机械工程】冷却剂;(减热的)润滑剂。   detail>>
intermediate coolant:  中间冷却剂  detail>>
flood ramp:  泛滥高坡  detail>>
flood casting:  泄注法  detail>>
flooding system:  lubrication; 浸水系统; 涌灭系统  detail>>
flood lights:  照明灯  detail>>
flooding tank:  浸水舱  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The experiments of high speed milling of titanium alloy were conducted under different cooling and lubricating modes , i . e . dry milling , flood coolant , oil mist with nitrogen gas , cryogenic nitrogen gas jet , and cryogenic nitrogen gas jet with minimal quantities of lubricant
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