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Chinese translation for "flagrant foul"


Related Translations:
flagrant:  adj.罪恶昭彰的,臭名远扬的;公然的,明目张胆的。 a flagrant offence 明目张胆的罪行。 a flagrant sinner 明目张胆的为非作歹者。adv.-ly
flagrant exceptional:  指不一般的好
flagrant violation:  公然侵犯
flagrant delicto:  在犯罪现场
flagrant crime:  大罪, 现行罪
flagrant delict:  现行犯
flagrant offence:  大罪, 重罪, 现行罪
in flagrant delict:  在作案时
a flagrant contrast:  明显的对比
a flagrant breach of international law:  公然践踏国际法
Example Sentences:
1.The lakers will be without forward lamar odom who was suspended for friday ' s game against the sixers for his flagrant foul on ray allen
2.But odom sank a 3 - pointer , kwame brown converted a three - point play and parker made two free throws after a flagrant foul against brian grant with 45 seconds to go to put los angeles up 53 - 36
但奥多姆的3分,夸梅-布朗打3分成功,帕克在45秒被犯规的2次罚球机会后,使湖人把比分再次拉大到53 - 36 。
3.Odom returned to the lineup after serving a one - game suspension for a flagrant foul on boston celtics guard ray allen , a mistake that cost him $ 120 , 441 in pay and a mild rebuke from coach phil jackson
由于上次对波士顿的雷?阿伦的恶性犯规,他被禁赛一场,同时也花了$ 120 , 441且受到禅师的责备,今天,奥多姆回到了先发阵容。
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