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Chinese translation for "financial scandal"


Related Translations:
the school for scandal:  造谣学校
financial conglomerate:  财资企业集团金融混合联合金融集团
financial taxation:  财政税收
financial balance:  财政平衡表
financial reconstruction:  财界重建
financial summary:  财务摘要
financial stringency:  财政紧迫
financial claim:  金融债权债权
financial supervision:  财务监督财政监督金融监管
financial times:  金融经济新闻伦敦金融时报英国金融时报
Example Sentences:
1.The journalist was probing into several financial scandals .
2.In recent years , a number of significant financial scandals both at home and abroad have aroused attention to whitewashing of the financial reports of listed companies
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