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Chinese translation for "financial i titution"


Related Translations:
import su titution:  进口替代
financial implications:  涉及的财务经费问题涉及的金融问题, 涉及的财务问题
financial account:  财务账户
financial book:  帐薄账薄
financial conglomerate:  财资企业集团金融混合联合金融集团
financial committee:  财务委员会
financial taxation:  财政税收
financial scandal:  经济丑闻
financial concerns:  金融企业
Example Sentences:
1.Furthermore , having citigroup , the world ' s leading financial i titution , base it ' s country headquarters in this district , further strengthe the a iratio of the lujiazui international finance and trade zone ' s to be a leading financial center
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