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Chinese translation for "financial conglomerate"


Related Translations:
conglomerate silicosis:  聚合性矽肺, 聚合性石末沉着病
financial taxation:  财政税收
financial balance:  财政平衡表
financial reconstruction:  财界重建
financial summary:  财务摘要
financial stringency:  财政紧迫
financial claim:  金融债权债权
financial supervision:  财务监督财政监督金融监管
financial times:  金融经济新闻伦敦金融时报英国金融时报
financial bureau:  财政局理财局
Example Sentences:
1.Chapter 9 - supervision of financial conglomerates
2.Strikingly , the financial conglomerate is paying slightly higher interest on its five - year debt than lehman or bear stearns
3.The dissertation introduces < the supervision of financial conglomerates ( a report by the tripartite group of bank , securities and insurance r
4.The company , which was bought in 2005 by cit , a financial conglomerate , has placed its chief executive and two other senior managers on leave
5.The committee has also been working closely with securities and insurance supervisors to study the challenges presented by the development of diversified financial conglomerates
6.As a new form of financial mixed management , financial conglomerates can gain scale economy , scope economy and consolidated effect by providing diversified services
7.First the concept of financial holding company is established , while financial conglomerate and universal bank are compared with financial holding company
8.The financial services convergence , globalization , and growth of financial conglomerates have provided impetus for financial regulators worldwide to share and exchange information
9.It is of realistic value for us to make a deep study of international legislation and basic principles and to help establish china ' s relevant legal regime of financial conglomerate information sharing
10.The joint forum is mandated to elaborate ways to facilitate the exchange of information between supervisors and to enhance supervisory coordination , and to develop principles toward the more effective supervision of financial conglomerates
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