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Chinese translation for "financial book"


Related Translations:
financial conglomerate:  财资企业集团金融混合联合金融集团
financial taxation:  财政税收
financial balance:  财政平衡表
financial reconstruction:  财界重建
financial summary:  财务摘要
financial stringency:  财政紧迫
financial claim:  金融债权债权
financial supervision:  财务监督财政监督金融监管
financial times:  金融经济新闻伦敦金融时报英国金融时报
financial bureau:  财政局理财局
Example Sentences:
1.It is an excellent financial book . an inspirational guide to personal money problems which presents eleven ancient babylonian tales revealing the way to finan cial success
2.It explains how utilizing flexible human capital and integrated social capital through collaborative relationship networks , learning activities can accumulate intellectual capital and bring important knowledge value to an enterprise above its financial book value
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