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Chinese translation for "file note"


Related Translations:
guaranteed note:  保证票据;保证单;担保债券
text note:  文字附注
attach note:  加附注
eighth note:  【音乐】八分音符。
taxa notes:  分类俗名
advisory notes:  咨询说明
for noting:  提交省览;以供省览无故地,白白地以供省览
bank note:  纸币。
speaking note:  说帖;发言讲稿
note book:  笔记本记事本票据簿网球解惑网知便笺
Example Sentences:
1.Search for the following statement in the db2look . out file note that the schema name , tabschema and indschema will differ in your case
在db2look . out文件中搜索下列语句(请注意,模式名、 tabschema和indschema可能与您的具体情况不同) :
2.During test execution , tests and all dependant files noted by the user or the system get pulled from their default location for example , bin debug and are copied either to a local or a remote execution directory
在测试执行过程中,将测试和用户或系统提到的所有依赖文件从它们的默认位置(例如, bin / debug )提取出来并复制到本地或远程执行目录。
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