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Chinese translation for "fall guy"


Related Translations:
guy:  短语和例子guy1n.1.〔英国〕盖伊福克斯 (Guy Fawkes) 的模拟像 〔Guy Fawkes 为火药阴谋案的主犯,每年十一月五日焚烧其模拟像以示庆祝〕。2.怪人;服装奇异的人。3.〔美俚〕家伙,人,小伙子,朋友。短语和例子a little guy 矮子。 a queer guy 怪人。 a regular guy 虚有其表的人。 a right guy 〔美国〕
tent guy:  帐棚支索。
pappy guy:  〔美俚〕(一个团体中的)长者。
bag guy:  〔美国〕卖气球的。
lazy guy:  【造船】吊杆稳索。
mooring guy:  系留索。
wise guy:  〔美俚〕自以为聪明的人。
yaw guy:  [line] 系塔索。
big guy:  〔美俚〕官吏;老板;暴徒头子;要人,名人,上帝。
fallen:  adj.1.落下来的;倒了的。2.陷落了的;已垮台的。3.堕落了的;灭亡的;破落了的;已死的。4.憔悴的。短语和例子fallen angel 沦落的天使;恶魔。 a fallen woman 堕落的女人。 persons fallen in battle 降亡者。 the fallen 阵亡者。 fallen cheeks 憔悴的双颊。
Example Sentences:
1.He would agree to be the loser , the fall guy
2.But as soon as they hit me for a fall guy , they showed up , guns blazing
3.But as soon as they had me for a fall guy , they showed up , guns biazing
4.The main actor have a fall guy do all the dangerous scene in the movie
5.The fall guy may have been involved in the situation but was not the person who should be blamed
6.He was a very unpleasant person - he would always use his friend peter as the fall guy if things went wrong
7.Today , a fall guy is any one who is tricked into taking the blame for the crime or wrongdoing of someone else
8.Yi ' s agent of record , dan fegan , has been made the fall guy by many in the court of public opinion
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