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Chinese translation for "eagerly anticipate"

热切地期望anticipatevt. 1.预期,预料,预测;指望,期待。 2.预行讨论 ...

Related Translations:
eagerly:  渴望地;热切地热心地
eagerly fetch:  即时获取fetchn. 1.(迷信者所说的)生魂,活人的魂,人将死时的离魂 ...
eagerly await your reply:  热望收到你的回信awaitvt. 〔书面语〕等,等待;期待。 await sb. ...yourpron. 〔you 的所有格〕 1.你(们)的。 2. ...replyn. 答复,回答;(用行动等)应战;反响;【法律】(原告 ...
have long eagerly awaited:  渴望已久havevt. 1.有,持有,具有,含有。 How much m ...longadj. (longer longest ) 1.长,长 ...awaitvt. 〔书面语〕等,等待;期待。 await sb. ...
anticipated:  参加预计的预期的预先的anticipatevt. 1.预期,预料,预测;指望,期待。 2.预行讨论 ...
anticipate:  vt.1.预期,预料,预测;指望,期待。2.预行讨论[考虑,处置];预先挪用;预支,预付。3.抢先于,占…之先。4.促进,提早,使提前发生。短语和例子I anticipate (that there will be) trouble. 我预料会有麻烦。 Anticipate a story 为某个故事埋下伏笔。 Anticipate one's wages 预支工资。 An
anticipating:  非预测期望的万众瞩目预期的提前使用的
anticipated expenditure:  预计开支预列开支预期开支预期运费anticipatevt. 1.预期,预料,预测;指望,期待。 2.预行讨论 ...expendituren. 1.(时间、劳力、金钱等的)支出,花费。 2.消费 ...
anticipated acceptance:  提前偿还的承兑汇票提前支付的承兑汇票先期承兑预期承兑anticipatevt. 1.预期,预料,预测;指望,期待。 2.预行讨论 ...acceptancen. 1.接受;验收 2.答应,承认;(政党候选人)接受 ...
anticipated discharge:  预期流量anticipatevt. 1.预期,预料,预测;指望,期待。 2.预行讨论 ...dischargevt. 1.发射(炮等),打(枪),射(箭)。 2.起, ...
Example Sentences:
1.The demand eagerly anticipates the creativity industry the development
2.1 the sequel to this novel is eagerly anticipate by many readers
3.Eagerly anticipated , i have no doubt that this event will be long remembered
4.Thus , the sisters and brothers eagerly anticipate holding another seminar in the near future
5.Since long ago , the party newspaper as the mainstream media , is eagerly anticipating the traditional medium development
6.The humanity is the life one kind , only this , only different is the humanity is eagerly anticipating this time earth
7.The lazio faithful are eagerly anticipating the draw for the champions league third qualifying round which takes place on august 3
8.The touching a stone and turn it into gold , eagerly anticipates the change , the deactivation , he is never the chinese science catalyst
9.We therefore eagerly anticipate the successful outcome of the world summit for social development and the world conference on women
10.In the meantime , concertgoers eagerly anticipate another feast of musical magic from his talented bow and awesome repertoire
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