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Chinese translation for "eager to study"

学习心切eageradj. 1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (aft ...toadv. 到某种状态;〔特指〕到停止状态;关闭。 ★也常 ...studyn. 1.用功,勤学;〔常 pl. 〕学习;研究 (of ...

Related Translations:
eager:  adj.1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (after; about; for)。2.热切的,热情洋溢的。3.〔古语〕(寒气等)凛冽的;酷烈的;(气味等)浓烈的。短语和例子be eager to do sth. 极想做某事。 I am eager for [after] news about them. 我渴望得到有关他们的消息。 She is eager in her
eager face:  热切的面孔eageradj. 1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (aft ...facen. 1.脸,面孔;面貌,样子;面子,威信。 2.愁容, ...
eager for:  渴望的,热切的eageradj. 1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (aft ...for 1.〔表示目标、去向〕向,往。 leave [sail ...
eager to:  渴望eageradj. 1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (aft ...toadv. 到某种状态;〔特指〕到停止状态;关闭。 ★也常 ...
eager heaver:  卖力的河狸之称eageradj. 1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (aft ...heavern. 1.举起[移动]重物的人[工具];举起物。 2.【 ...
eager in:  极想渴望…eageradj. 1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (aft ...inIn =【化学】 indium (铟).
eager beaver:  (为讨好上司)干活特别卖力的人。eageradj. 1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (aft ...beavern. 〔美俚〕胡须;留有漂亮胡须的人,美髯公。
johnny eager:  双雄喋血
eager evaluation:  及早求值立即求值热情计算热情求值
be eager after:  渴望, 渴求, 争取bevi. 1.有…存在,生存。 Can such thin ...eageradj. 1.〔多用作述语〕渴望,极想,热衷于 (aft ...afteradv. 在后;继后;后来。 follow after ...
Example Sentences:
1.Mainland students are eager to study at hkied
2.Each student is eager to study english well
3.One is that because american higher education is the world s best , chinese students are eager to study in the united states
4.Nowadays students are eager to study computers because they know very well that it is a required skill in the information age
5.Can accomplish a project alone . i am patient and tough , with good adaptability and strong responsibility . i am also diligent and eager to study
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