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Chinese translation for "dye vat"

dyevt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dr ...vatVAT = Value-Added Tax 增值税。

Related Translations:
vat:  n.1.(酿造、制革等用的)大桶,大缸。2.比利时和荷兰的液量名。3.【染】还原染缸[染剂]。vt.(-tt-) 把…装入大桶;在大桶里处理。VAT = Value-Added Tax 增值税。
vat dyes:  还原性染料,瓮染料。vatVAT = Value-Added Tax 增值税。 dyevt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dr ...
vat dyed:  adj.用还原染料染的。vatVAT = Value-Added Tax 增值税。 dyevt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dr ...
dyeing:  n.染色;染色法;染业。adj.染色的。
dye:  vt.染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dress green 把衣服染成绿色。 A deep flush dyed her cheeks. 她的双颊染上一层绯红。vi.着色,上色,染上颜色。 This cloth dyes easily. 这种布容易上色。 be dyed in (the) grain [in the wool]1.生染被染透。2.〔比喻〕造成不
xanthene dye:  E270吨染料。xanthenen. 【化学】(夹)氧杂蒽。 dyevt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dr ...
dye printing:  印染,印花。dyevt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dr ...printingn. 1.印刷;版;印刷术;印刷业;印刷品;〔pl.〕供 ...
basic dye:  碱性染料。basicBasic = Basic English. dyevt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dr ...
dye marker:  海水染色剂〔投在海中使水变色作为标志的染料〕。dyevt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dr ...markern. 1.作记号的人;打分数的人;记分器;划线器;指示器 ...
congo dye:  Congo colour 一种偶氮染料。congon. (中国的)工夫红茶。 dyevt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色。 dye a dr ...
Example Sentences:
1.Normal temperature dye vat
2.Mo - tzu the founder of mohism , who emphasized universal love and peace in ancient china called society a terrible dyeing vat . even saints will be contaminated if they come here
3.The company has more than 60 dye vats produced completely by hong kong ah chio machinery company , which could classified into garment dye vat , bundle dyeing vat , computer - controlled bundle vat , and spray vat
4.Hangzhou yuhang chengnan line factory organized in 1993 , was located the beautiful hangjiahu plain of hangzhou yuhang disctrict linping town , the close neighbor no . 320 national highways and the huhang highway near linping exit , the geographical position superior , the transportation was extremely convenient , this factory area amounted to 2 , 500 square meters , the floor space reaches 700 even aspects , at present the staff has 29 people , technical personnel had 3 , the factory main equipment has the dye vat , the system line machine and so on the special - purpose supplementary equipment , the fixed asset more than 2 million yuan , at present main production ribbon product and so on black silk ribbon line , nylon line , real silk thread , produces high mainly sells to hangzhou , shanghai , and the peripheral locality , the product quality deeply user communities ' faith , this factory by the science management , the rich experience and the advanced technology and the craft , had guaranteed this factory product high level , the high quality , simultaneously continuously pursue the good prestige , take the customer demand foundation of as the enterprise survival , welcome the new old customer to come this factory service discussion , communal development
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