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Chinese translation for "dusting device"


Related Translations:
dusting:  n. 1.打扫,掸灰。 2.【航海】(暴风雨中船的)颠簸 ...  detail>>
device:  n. 1.设计,计划;方法,手段。 2.〔pl.〕意志, ...  detail>>
dust absorption:  吸尘  detail>>
dust corpuscles:  血尘  detail>>
nuisance dust:  尘土  detail>>
suspending dust:  悬浮尘埃  detail>>
burned dust:  烧粘土泥料粉  detail>>
dust apparatus:  除尘器  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.It is equipped with the pulse dusting device
2.This thesis introduced to basic concept of removed dust tecnology and in current cement profession widespread usaging electricity removed dust devices " basic construction and basic principle , and german siemens s7 - 200 of basic construction . detailed expatiate programmable controller in the wet tower auto - control system ' application and software construction of the auto - control system - moreover introduced to wet tower auto - control system " technique parameter and in the actual cement industry ' application effect
本论文介绍了除尘技术的基本概念及目前水泥行业普遍使用的电除尘器的基本结构和基本原理,以及德国西门子s7 - 200的基本结构。详细阐述了可编程控制器在增湿塔自控系统中的应用以及自控系统的软件结构。另外介绍了增湿塔喷雾自控系统的技术参数及增湿塔在实际水泥工业中的应用效果。
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