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Chinese translation for "dusting cloths"


Related Translations:
dusting:  n. 1.打扫,掸灰。 2.【航海】(暴风雨中船的)颠簸 ...  detail>>
cloth:  n. pl. cloths 〔用于 kinds of c ...  detail>>
dust absorption:  吸尘  detail>>
dust corpuscles:  血尘  detail>>
nuisance dust:  尘土  detail>>
suspending dust:  悬浮尘埃  detail>>
burned dust:  烧粘土泥料粉  detail>>
dust apparatus:  除尘器  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Give the furniture a rub with the dust cloth before the guests arrive .
2.Those four large pockets on the front - two breast pockets and two at hip level - made a super place to carry dust cloths , wax and polish
前面的4个大口袋? ?两个在胸前,两个在与臀部同高的地方? ?是放抹布、蜡和磨光粉最好的地方。
3.Directions : lightly spray directly on furniture , or apply to dust cloth , polish to a deep gloss with a clean soft cloth
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