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Chinese translation for "dust discharge"


Related Translations:
dust:  n. 1.尘,灰尘,尘土,尘埃。 2.〔英国〕垃圾,废品 ...  detail>>
discharge:  vt. 1.发射(炮等),打(枪),射(箭)。 2.起, ...  detail>>
dust absorption:  吸尘  detail>>
dust corpuscles:  血尘  detail>>
nuisance dust:  尘土  detail>>
suspending dust:  悬浮尘埃  detail>>
burned dust:  烧粘土泥料粉  detail>>
dust apparatus:  除尘器  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Industrial dust discharged
2.Industrial dust discharge
3.This machine combines advantages of machines from home and abroad with good airproofing performance , agile turning , filtering bag can be convenient to be changed , dust removing efficiency is more than 99 5 , dust discharging density is lower than national standard . filtering bag adopts ladder type flat bag structure which has simple structure , close collocation , high filtering area index , large back - blow swing and dust can be easily shaken off
该机集国内外同类产品优点于一体,密封性好回转灵活,更换滤袋方便,除尘效率大于99 5 ,粉尘排放浓度低于国家标准滤袋采用梯形扁袋结构,结构简单,排列紧凑,过滤面积指标高,反吹振幅大,易于抖落积尘
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