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Chinese translation for "doddering"

老态龙锺doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。

Related Translations:
dodder:  vi.1.(因年老、中风等而)摇晃,蹒跚;抖颤。2.蹒跚而行。短语和例子an old man doddering down the walk 一个在人行道上摇摇晃晃行走的老人。adj.-y 衰老的,老迈的;蹒跚的。n.【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。
doddered:  adj.1.(树木等)枯朽脱枝的。2.衰弱的。
dodder transmission:  菟丝子传染doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。 transmissionn. 递送;传递;传达;传染;移转;【机械工程】传动;传 ...
lesser dodder:  百里香菟丝子lesseradj. 〔little 的比较级之一〕 1.更小的,更 ...doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。
dodder oil:  菟丝子油doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。 oiln. 1.油;油类;油状物〔一般是不可数名词,表示种类时 ...
dodder cake:  菟丝饼doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。 caken. 1.饼,糕;〔古语〕扁形小面包;〔苏格兰语〕燕麦饼 ...
common dodder:  兔丝子commonadj. 1.共通的,共同的,共有的。 2.公众的;公共 ...doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。
dodder mark:  菟丝纹doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。 mark短语和例子 mark2 n. 1.马克〔德国货币〕。 2 ...
flax dodder:  亚麻菟丝子flaxn. 1.【植物;植物学】亚麻;亚麻皮,亚麻纤维。 2. ...doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。
dodder seed:  兔丝子粉末doddern. 【植物;植物学】菟丝子,菟丝子属植物。 seedn. (pl. seed(s)) 1.〔集合词〕【植物; ...
Example Sentences:
1.He is over eighty , but he still dodders along
2.He is over eighty , but he still dodders along
3.He doddered down the street
4.Dodder bridge . richie goulding and the legal bag . goulding , collis and ward he calls the firm
他管这事务所叫作古尔丁科利斯沃德7 。
5.The dodder is one kind of annual autoecious weed of alfalfa , cosmopolitan weed quarantine object
6.They are doddering , even senile kings whose authority among the tribes extends only as far as the doors of the royal court
7.Because dodder saplings have only a limited amount of food in their seeds , the saplings must quickly find a host plant or die
8.Seedlings from the parasitic plant called dodder track chemical aromas to locate their preferred host plants , a new study says
9.Dodders , or cuscuta , are known by a variety of nicknames including strangleweed and witch ' s shoelaces . they rank among the u . s . department of agriculture ' s list of top ten weeds
菟丝子有许多不同的俗称,例如, "勒死草"或者"女巫的鞋带" ,它们位列美国农业部门杂草名单的前10位
10.The technique system of integration dodder management on alfalfa including plant quarantine , agricultural and biological prevention and chemical and biological control are put forward
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