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Chinese translation for "disorderly conduct"


Related Translations:
disorderly:  adj.1.无秩序的,不规则的,紊乱的。2.骚乱的,无法无天的;【法律】妨害治安的;伤风败俗的。短语和例子a disorderly pile of clothes 乱七八糟的一堆衣服。 charged with being drunk and disorderly 被控告犯酗酒和妨害治安罪。adv.无秩序地,杂乱地。n.-liness
disorderly house:  妓院,赌场。
disorderly person:  【法律】妨害治安者,伤风败俗者。
conduct:  n.1.行为,举动;操行,品格。2.指导;带领;护送。3.处理,管理,经营;指挥。4.(戏剧等的)处理法,进展,情节,趣向;方法,做法。5.〔英国〕伊顿 (Eton) 公学礼拜堂的牧师。 短语和例子a testimonial of good conduct操行优良证明。 a safe conduct(战时)护照,通行证。 conduct of the background
conduct sheet:  【军事】操行[奖惩]记录。
bad conduct discharge:  品行不良勒令退伍。
distinguished conduct medal:  〔英军〕殊功勋章。
line of conduct:  行为的准则。
good conduct medal:  【美军】品德优良奖章。
Example Sentences:
1.He was hauled up before the local magistrates for disorderly conduct .
2.Police again remanded him to his cell upon a charge of disorderly conduct .
3.He was arrested for disorderly conduct in the street
4.He was hauled up before the local magistrates for disorderly conduct
5.Hart also is charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of obstructing an officer
6.Pierre had not succeeded in fixing upon a career in petersburg , and really had been banished to moscow for disorderly conduct
7.Brown was charged with two misdemeanors - - disorderly conduct and interference of an officer - - after his cousin was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol
布朗被控两项不端行为? ?行为不检及干扰理事? ?在表弟因酒后驾车嫌疑被捕之后。
8.Valdosta , ga . - - los angeles lakers forward kwame brown was charged with disorderly conduct and interference with a law enforcement officer after an incident at 2 a . m
弗多斯塔,乔治亚州? ?根据多家媒体的报道,美国东部时间上周六凌晨2点,洛杉矶湖人队前锋夸梅
9.A police spokesman called on member of the public not to discharge aerosol spray in public places as such an act may constitute an offence of disorderly conduct under the public order ordinance
10." in order to eliminate safety concerns , companies are required not to organise time - limited sales promotions which may lead to traffic congestion , bodily harm and disorderly conduct , " it said
《通知》要求, “各零售企业不得组织容易造成交通拥堵、人身伤害和秩序混乱的限时促销活动,以消除安全隐患。 ”
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