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Chinese translation for "diabetic kidney"


Related Translations:
diabetic:  adj.(患)糖尿病的。n.糖尿病病人。
diabetics:  糖尿病患者
diabetic milk:  低乳糖乳
diabetic stomatopathy:  糖尿病口腔病变
diabetic gangrene:  糖尿病性坏疽
diabetic coma:  糖尿病昏迷糖尿病性昏迷糖尿病性昏睡消渴昏迷
pseudotabes diabetic:  糖尿病性假脊髓痨
bullosis diabetic:  糖尿病性大疱生成
diabetic polyneuritis:  糖尿病性多发性神经炎
diabetic pseudotabes:  糖尿病性假脊髓痨
Example Sentences:
1.Note also the markedly thickened arteriole at the lower right which is typical for the hyaline arteriolosclerosis that is seen in diabetic kidneys as well
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