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Chinese translation for "custom tariff"


Related Translations:
custom:  n. 1.习惯,风俗;惯例,常规;【法律】习惯法。 2. ...  detail>>
tariff:  n. 1.关税(表),税率(表),税则。 2.〔英国〕( ...  detail>>
unilinear tariff:  一致税率, 一般税率  detail>>
custom mix:  商品胶料  detail>>
custom smelter:  加工熔炼厂  detail>>
customs transfer:  转关  detail>>
ex customs:  关税已付价  detail>>
customs flag:  海关旗  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Customs tariff commission of the state council
2.Search customs tariffs of china 1999
3.All imported and exported equipment will be calculated based on no customs tariff
4.Customs tariff nomenclature
5.Cct common customs tariff
6.He noted that the customs tariff of china was a charge imposed on imported goods
7.A model of spatial computable general equilibrium analysis and its use in analyzing china agricultural customs tariff policy
8.Meanwhile , to meet the requirement of wto rules and further economic reform , it is also imperative for the customs tariff system to change
9.Produeres of customs duties on luggage , articles of passengers and personal postal articles entering into china shall be formulated by the committee of customs tariff under the state council separately
10.Therefore , this dissertation make a preliminary discussion on the trend of the customs tariff system reform through a review of the history of the customs tariff collection since 1949 and a summary of the adjustments of customs tariff collection after joining wto
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