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Chinese translation for "custom system"


Related Translations:
custom:  n. 1.习惯,风俗;惯例,常规;【法律】习惯法。 2. ...  detail>>
system:  n. 1.体系,系统;分类法;组织;设备,装置。 2.方 ...  detail>>
custom mix:  商品胶料  detail>>
custom smelter:  加工熔炼厂  detail>>
customs transfer:  转关  detail>>
ex customs:  关税已付价  detail>>
customs flag:  海关旗  detail>>
customs office:  关税办事处; 海关  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Research for customs system in parallel importation
2.Custom system design , development and services for data exchange
3.Provide custom systems for organizations that need secure online access in various network environments
4.This dissertation includes five chapters : the first chapter discusses the basis for the design of customs system of china
5.Application development and technology migration services . reviews custom systems development methodology and processes employed
6.The service system discussed in this paper and the custom system compose the whole 112 system , which provides a flexible solution for the operator ’ s malfunction management
7.Tariff rate is an important content of customs system . the relatively high tariff level in the past has taken its protection function somehow , but the disadvantages are obvious
8.As a member of wto , china has to abide all related agreements of wto , in which customs system is included . however , some aspects of the current chinese customs system are inconsistent with the rules of wto
9.Because the rules of wto itself are at different levels with different constraints , different combinations shall be adopted in line with different international rules while designing the customs system in china
10.After accession to wto , what kind of customs system will both conform to the rules of wto rules , and with considerations for the special national situation in china so as to promote the economic development in china
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