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Chinese translation for "custom smelter"


Related Translations:
custom:  n. 1.习惯,风俗;惯例,常规;【法律】习惯法。 2. ...  detail>>
smelter flux:  助熔剂  detail>>
custom mix:  商品胶料  detail>>
customs transfer:  转关  detail>>
ex customs:  关税已付价  detail>>
customs flag:  海关旗  detail>>
custom system:  客户系统; 我们就直接以; 用户系统  detail>>
customs office:  关税办事处; 海关  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Bhp billiton base metals is one of the world s top three producers of copper and a top five producer of silver , lead and zinc . we supply high - quality base metal concentrates to european , asian and south american custom smelters , and copper cathodes ( metal ) to copper wire manufacturers and brass mills
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