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Chinese translation for "crime lab"


Related Translations:
cell culture lab:  细胞培养实验室
crime prevention:  犯罪预防防止犯罪
crime free:  无犯罪的
high crime:  重罪
flagrant crime:  大罪, 现行罪
true crime:  洛城危机迫切的任务真实罪行真相追击
crime spree:  黑道刺杀令黑道追杀令
attempted crime:  犯罪未遂未遂罪
crime theory:  犯罪学
subject of crime:  犯罪主观犯罪主体
Example Sentences:
1.The boys at the crime lab prepared this forme
2.In washington , dc , the fbi scientific crime detection laboratory ( better known as the fbi crime lab ) officially opens
3.To avoid this possibility , crime labs that perform pcr do it in isolation and under stringent conditions that minimize the risk of contamination
4." suspected narcotics " were seized from the home , and have been sent to a crime lab for analysis . the assistant chief wouldn ' t say how much of the suspected narcotics they found
5.The defense often believes that a practicing forensic scientist has a built - in bias or predisposition toward the prosecution ' s side because of the close working relationship between crime labs and law enforcement
6.Nvdrs is a comprehensive , linked reporting system that collects and centralizes information on suicides and homicides from a variety of sources , such as medical examiners and coroners , law enforcement , hospitals , public health officials and crime labs
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