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Chinese translation for "crime free"


Related Translations:
crime prevention:  犯罪预防防止犯罪
crime lab:  罪证化验室
high crime:  重罪
flagrant crime:  大罪, 现行罪
true crime:  洛城危机迫切的任务真实罪行真相追击
crime spree:  黑道刺杀令黑道追杀令
attempted crime:  犯罪未遂未遂罪
crime theory:  犯罪学
subject of crime:  犯罪主观犯罪主体
fellowship in crime:  共同犯罪
Example Sentences:
1.Following on from the code of practice , designed in 2003 for internet computer game centres operators to provide safe and crime free venues , joint random checks with stakeholder departments of these centres were undertaken in 2004
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