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Chinese translation for "cottage industry"

cottagen. 1.〔英国〕乡下房子,农舍;小房子。 2.〔美国〕 ...industryn. 1.勤劳,勤奋,刻苦。 2.工业,产业,实业,事业 ...

Related Translations:
cottage:  n.1.〔英国〕乡下房子,农舍;小房子。2.〔美国〕(农舍式的)别墅;(郊外的)新式住宅;(大院内的)单幢住宅;〔澳大利亚〕平房。3.竖式小钢琴 (=cottage piano)。
cottage hospital:  (无住院医生的)诊疗所,(乡下)小医院;医院分院。
cottage loaf:  大小两个叠合的面包。
cottage piano:  竖式小钢琴。cottagen. 1.〔英国〕乡下房子,农舍;小房子。 2.〔美国〕 ...piano n. (pl. pianos) 钢琴;〔美俚〕囚犯工作席 ...
cottage cheese:  〔美国〕用酸牛奶做的软干酪。cottagen. 1.〔英国〕乡下房子,农舍;小房子。 2.〔美国〕 ...cheesevt. 〔俚语〕停止。 Cheese it! 1.停止 ...
cottage pudding:  〔美国〕乡下布丁。
industry:  n.1.勤劳,勤奋,刻苦。2.工业,产业,实业,事业。3.〔集合词〕资方。4.有组织的劳动,经常的工作[努力]。短语和例子heavy [light] industry 重[轻]工业。 the automobile industry 汽车工业。 the sugar industry 制糖业。 the shipping industry 航海业。 the broadcastin
Example Sentences:
1.Such fakes have become a cottage industry in china
2.Flag sales are a street corner cottage industry
3.A cottage industry grew up , spread from player to player , locker to locker
4.Enough mame enthusiasts have begun building dedicated cabinets that a cottage industry has sprung up to serve them
5.Demand for new flight attendants is so great that a cottage industry has emerged of academies promising to produce star - quality cabin crews
6.The accused have promoted a cult of personality , and brought about the establishment of a cottage industry of consultants , trainers , and sundry acolytes to interpret their abstruse musings
7.The dream would encourage cottage industries to flourish , would level the playing field for the disadvantaged , and would empower everyone with tools for their own expression and exploration
8.The robertsons started making pottery as a cottage industry ; but their business has now expanded so much they have had to hire several workers and rent premises on the industrial estate
9.King mindon of konbaung dynasty founded the city in 1857 . mandaly was the last capital of the myanmar kings and the centre of culture and of many traditional arts . mandalay is known for ivory and wood carvings , silk weaving and many other cottage industries
10.Social equity was set as an important objective through variety of subsidies and reservation for small scale and cottage industries . mixed economic model indeed generated a diversified industrial base for india but it retarded the rapid economic growth at the same time
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