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Chinese translation for "cottage cheese"


Related Translations:
cottage:  n.1.〔英国〕乡下房子,农舍;小房子。2.〔美国〕(农舍式的)别墅;(郊外的)新式住宅;(大院内的)单幢住宅;〔澳大利亚〕平房。3.竖式小钢琴 (=cottage piano)。
cottage hospital:  (无住院医生的)诊疗所,(乡下)小医院;医院分院。
cottage loaf:  大小两个叠合的面包。
cottage piano:  竖式小钢琴。
cottage industry:  家庭手工业。
cottage pudding:  〔美国〕乡下布丁。
cheese:  n.1.干酪,乳酪;干酪状的东西。2.〔美俚〕重要人物;上品,珍品。3.【纺织;印染】筒子纱。4.〔学俚〕微笑。短语和例子green cheese 未熟干酪;绿皮干酪;(低级)乳清干酪。 bread and cheese 粗食;糊口之道。 chalk and cheese 形似而实非。 big [small] cheese 〔俚语〕伟大[渺小]的人。 get the che
rat cheese:  (工厂制造的)硬奶酪。
cheese burger:  牛肉饼加乳酪。
cheshire cheese:  英国饼状干酪。
Example Sentences:
1.The service they provided and occasionally you could order cottage cheese and eggs and . .
2.In june i dig out my shorts to discover my thighs resemble cottage cheese
3.In june i dig out my shorts to discover my thighs resemble cottage cheese
4.Dairy company whose products include yogurt , cottage cheese , dips , sour cream and salsa
5.Milk producers and distributors including dairy products ; milk , juices , cottage cheese , sour cream and yogurt
6.Help me mix a quarter cup of mashed strawberries with half a cup of cottage cheese and a teaspoon of sugar
帮我把1 / 4杯捣碎的草莓、半杯家乡口味的奶酪和一茶匙糖混合一下。
7.The remaining 5 percent of the ingredients are non - organic or synthetic , and include baking powder , pectin to make yogurt thicker , or carbon dioxide to keep products , like cottage cheese , fresher longer
其余5 %的成分为无机物质或人工合成物,包括用来制作高浓度酸奶酪的发酵粉,胶质,或可使像松软干酪一类产品保持持久新鲜的二氧化碳。
8.You don ' t need to eat a full - on meal … just some fruit , some crackers , maybe some low - fat dairy ( cheese or yogurt or cottage cheese ? although i prefer soy yogurt ) , oatmeal , some nuts , dried fruit , etc
你不必非去吃一餐饭? ?只吃点水果、零食,或者低脂的乳酪(干酪、酸奶酪或者软白干酪都行? ?我喜欢吃大豆酸奶酪) 、燕麦粥、坚果或者果脯什么的。
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