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Chinese translation for "corazon"


Related Translations:
corazon aquino:  艾奎诺夫人柯拉蓉・艾奎诺柯拉蓉艾奎科拉松阿基诺夫人
santo corazon:  圣科拉松
el corazon:  埃尔科拉松
aquino corazon:  科拉松
corazon de leon:  科拉松德莱昂
corazon de melon:  甜蜜的心
corazon juliano soliman:  科拉松胡利亚诺索利曼
siempre en mi corazon:  永远在我心中
Example Sentences:
1.Tu amor , means the world to me esteras siempre en mi corazon
2.Juan francisco and mar a luisa v lez are the founders of protege tu corazon . they live in colombia
3.In 1992 , master visited the philippines to meet with then - president corazon aquino about the future of the aulacese refugees in that country
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