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Chinese translation for "cooking temperature"


Related Translations:
cooks:  库克斯
cooking:  adj.烹调用的(水果、锅、炉等)。n.烹调(法)。
cooking starch:  团粉
cook chill:  预煮速冻法
cooked fish:  熟鱼
cook it:  安静下来,停止做某事
natalie cook:  纳塔莉库克
dane cook:  丹尼库克
expert cook:  烹调能手
excellent cooking:  两颗星
Example Sentences:
1.A cooking thermometer can also be used to check cooking temperature
2.A cooking thermometer can also be used to check that cooking temperature reaches 70 c
也可用一个烹饪温度计来检查烹调温度是否达到70 c 。
3.Most important of all is a precisely controlled cooking temperature to ensure a perfect combination of taste and texture
4.There s no great mystery to achieving this , just great care with the cooking temperature and mastering the art of steaming or stir - frying
5." however , the bacteria can be killed at a cooking temperature of around 75 degrees celsius for two to three minutes , " he added
他说: o157 : h7大肠杆菌在摄氏七十五度烹煮两至三分钟便会死亡。
6.Anhui cuisine : anhui cuisine focuses on cooking temperature , braising , and stewing . hams are used to improve taste and sugar candy for freshness
7.While there are numerous pork dishes , the best dishes share similar characteristics : the meat must be tender and tasty , it must be expertly carved and the presentation exquisite . to achieve this basic , but difficult goal requires precise control of the cooking temperature so that the meat retains its juices
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