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Chinese translation for "cooked fish"


Related Translations:
cooks:  库克斯
cooking:  adj.烹调用的(水果、锅、炉等)。n.烹调(法)。
cooking starch:  团粉
cook chill:  预煮速冻法
cook it:  安静下来,停止做某事
natalie cook:  纳塔莉库克
dane cook:  丹尼库克
expert cook:  烹调能手
excellent cooking:  两颗星
cooked books:  假账
Example Sentences:
1.Polly and david don ' t eat meat . let ' s cook fish
2.I like to cook fish . fish . i like to eat fish . fish
3.Xiang jiang restaurant serves tanjiacai , sichuan and cantonese dishes ; the skillfully cooked fish maw and shark fins are quite famous . it will meet the guests different tastes
4.Their love of seafood has also given rise to many different ways of preparing and cooking fish - for instance , the quintessential yellow croaker cooked either in sugar vinegar sauce or with garlic and ginger
5.He explains why microwaves cook fish well and meat poorly ( they heat only water molecules , and those to just below boiling : in other words , they poach , producing succulent fish but bland meat ) ; why one should dress a salad just before serving ( oil penetrates the thin waxy cuticle that coats vegetables , driving out the air that refracts light and gives vegetables their colour ) ; why potatoes are the perfect food to deep - fry ( a wealth of starch and sugar on the surface ) ; and why the easiest way to salvage curdled mayonnaise is to wait until the oil separates completely , then just pour it back in , whisking constantly
他解释了很多厨房内的问题,为什么用微波炉烹饪出的鱼味鲜色美,而做出的肉却难以下咽(微波炉只对水分子有加热的作用,而加热的程度仅低于沸点:换言之,这是一种用热水煮的过程,所以烹饪出的鱼会多汁,而肉却味道一般) ;为什么仅在上菜之前的那一刻才给沙拉添加拌料(因为油会浸入保护蔬菜的薄弱表层,并迫使蔬菜内含有的对光线有折射作用的空气,这样蔬菜就具有了最本质的颜色) ;土豆为什么通过油炸才味道最佳(因为油炸过程中,大量的淀粉与糖份会浮出到土豆的表面) ;以及为什么给蛋黄酱解冻的最简便的方法是先把酱倒出来,等内含的油完全分离之后,然后把酱倒回瓶子里,再不停地搅拌。
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