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Chinese translation for "cooked cocoons"


Related Translations:
reeling cocoon in alive:  活蛹缫丝
cooks:  库克斯
cooking:  adj.烹调用的(水果、锅、炉等)。n.烹调(法)。
cooking starch:  团粉
cook chill:  预煮速冻法
cooked fish:  熟鱼
cook it:  安静下来,停止做某事
natalie cook:  纳塔莉库克
dane cook:  丹尼库克
expert cook:  烹调能手
Example Sentences:
1.Experiments improve that this device has good effect in measuring the temperature of cooking cocoon
2.In addition to adopt digital temperature sensor and micro - power microprocessor , building a communication system , and it breaks throught in the measurement of cooking cocoon temperature
3.In order to test the real - time temperature in the cooking cocoon machine , which is favourable to develop the management of the produce , this thesis exploit a system of remote testing , by adopting wireless remote detecting , on the basis of actual thing in the produce locale , which solve the problem that it can ? test the dynamic real - time cooking cocoon temperature
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