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Chinese translation for "congenital anemia"


Related Translations:
pulmonary disease anemia:  肺部疾病性贫血
congenital ichthyosis:  先天性鳞癣先天鱼鳞癣
congenital insanity:  先天性精神病
congenital keratoderma:  先天性皮肤角化病
congenital hypotony:  先天性低眼压
congenital myodystrophy:  先天性肌营养不良症
congenital agammaglobulinaemia:  先天血内丙种球蛋白缺乏
congenital deafness:  先天性耳聋先天性聋
congenital amyotonia:  先天性肌弛缓
Example Sentences:
1.Such disorders ? which could include congenital anemias or immunodeficiencies ? might not become apparent in the donor for months or years , by which time the cord blood might have already been transplanted into another recipient
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