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Chinese translation for "condenser piping"


Related Translations:
tandem condenser:  双定片组电容器
tubular condenser:  管式冷凝器
condenser box:  电容器箱电容箱冷凝器箱水箱冷凝器
condenser pump:  冷凝泵
convex condenser:  凸聚光镜
inner condenser:  内冷凝器
bypass condenser:  旁路电容器
adjustable condenser:  可变电容器可调电容器可调整凝结块
condenser system:  聚光系统冷凝器系统冷凝系统
tracking condenser:  跟踪电容器跟踪计算机
Example Sentences:
1.High performance and high precision copper and copper alloy strips , electrolytic copper foil , lead frame , copper clad and printed - circuit board , special enameled copper wire , fashioned copper bar , track contact wire , medium and high elastic copper strips for interconnecting devices , precision alloy copper pipes for ac and cooling appliance , over - long and corrosion - resistant copper alloy condenser pipe , seamless cooper water pipe in housing construction and other copper fine and deep processing products will be highly developed in jiangxi province
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